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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


11:29 PM

Sunday, October 05, 2008

seriously,for once, i tot i aint that anal after all. seems like there will be lousier ppl around that make u feel better... coz deep down... u will think :" ha, i am not of their caliber." it doesn't make any cow sense sia!! warning me not to say any sensitive things on my FB? wtf.... i couldn't believe it sia. but well... i still believe deeply that i have my rites. so i will relentlessly go against their advice, and blabber wat i deem rite.

4:22 PM

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have no hoot idea why I have a relapse on my bad left foot. In fact, i am extremely worried. Made an appointment with the specialist and hope that all will be alrite. Projects and assignments are pounding, but what is new? The problem is that i had switched off. I lost the drive. I have no idea where to find it back. Friends will say i worry too much. But i cant be so complacent in the first place. I hope i will be fine, and my foot will be alrite, and i will be free of crutches soon.



3:41 PM

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ha. being part of SDE Rag (Float team) is perhaps, by far, the best decision i ever made in NUS. Fun and odd working hours, its pretty remarkable for me, considering i just recovered from a fracture on my left foot. gotten back to noe of my fellow year floaters, and forge new friendships with freshies. its a pretty much an enjoyable process.

A tribute to all the ppl who made SDE Rag 2008/09...
when the music track for our presentation ends, we'd already won. months of pain-staking efforts, all for this special occasion. No one can ever take the sense of satisfaction away from anyone who had given in any form for this rag event of ours. We are the best and ahead lies a bright path, no longer mulling on what went wrong, but with the 'Bring it on' attitude. Cheers.

Last nite is this boozy session with pals from my Poly days. drinks and drinks... its like pretty much a booze run of all of us. KTV, booze, and well, catching up. the 8-hr non-stop pubbing spree. Got back @ 5am and having driving lessons @ 8am. cool sia... this seems like a massacre on me sia. 2 mths not behind wheels, half-drunk state, it seems pretty much a challenge for myself to handle. but well... safe and sound.

3:37 PM

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

its been a refreshing week for me since i had removed my foot cast. well... like we had a wonderful post bday celebrations for tbb ppl. then well... i had my share of movies.... Red Cliff and hellboy 2. Red cliff is one movie of good heck. and well... asia has finally answered to the western's LOTR and Troy. wonderful john woo flick. and its more than history, action and anything else. its a big bang asian kick ass good stuff.

Hellboy is good thou. its better than the first. and the movie is packed with more punch, action and bits of humour and drama. entertaining.

11:38 PM

Monday, July 07, 2008

ha, today met up with wee tjeon for a dinner @ Botak Jones BL. haha... fast and zippy, the food was served real fast even @ 6 plus, which was supposed to be peak. but the process of getting there was maddening. i limped from home, jurong to boon lay. like 6 bus stops away. its pretty tiring, but well... it would pay well, coz its my best friend sia.

Caught up with him a long damn time. i could not remember when is the last time i seen him. could it be last December, when i said i would consider boxing in 1/2 yr time? that was darn long. haha. but well.... it was long chit chat over 3 can of drinks each. but well... hes doing fine... and hes happy for me, pursuing the things i wanna in life.

I felt kinda happy and honored by one thing. but i cant blurt anything out yet coz the thing haven happen yet. so well... its not too bad a monday with crutches.


11:59 PM

Friday, July 04, 2008

Thursday was pretty a struggle.

took bus on my own with a cast on my foot. i still managed well, but its pretty tiring thou. watched Wanted with Lester and well... good flick and good twist, and pretty impressed.

today continued my dvd times. watch 21 and National Treasure, (courtesy of Lester). National Treasure is sure great. but 21 is the one that caught my attention. Casinos, Vegas... woah.... I darn love Casinos.

6:47 PM

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

watched Elizabeth: the Golden Age and Jumper over DVDs this past two days.

jumper, while no doubt cool, lacks the shine. the ending is bullshit and shifty thru out the movie. but well... nice city sights and pretty lead.

Elizabeth is more of a better catch. but its more politics and drama. i like it personally, and Cate Blanchett is realli a brilliant actress. she plays the Queen and was so lively. Clive Owen is oso good. how should i say? hes ur rugged handsome.

4:30 PM

Sunday, June 22, 2008

i went to the clinic for my eye lump, and glad to hear that there is a way to solve it. kinda bothered with it coz its giving me blindspot on the right eye.

watch get smart and zohan. both movies are not bad. but wonders if it was due to watching comedy back to back on 2 days that make the latter less interesting. but well. all is not bad. and i am happy to own a Get smart lanyard.

last nite was @ a KTV chalet and well.. impressive. we sang till dawn. not bad.

8:45 PM

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday is actually a lazy day for me. but have to wake up early to go for the Paint a Home event in the East. i must confess that i went half-heartedly. but i was amazed by the sheer amount of ppl who turned up. close to 100. well.. fun painting and interacting with really nice people. this is the first time i felt good about being in NUS, as in i really see a bunch of nice ppl. they have to be; coz i cant think of any other reasons why ppl would wake up early to slog paint and get dirty doing comm service. but it was enjoyable. I got to noe some friends too.

meet lester and my bro for Carl's Jr. if you want something real sinful, go for extra patty. will overkill sia.

Bought the Sex and the City movie book @ 20% off. i think its really a good investment.

8:49 PM

Monday, June 09, 2008

@ the end of my first ICT, its kinda saddening, coz i realli enjoy the stay. fun, chats, and well... u noe that these bunch of friends will alw listen to ur stories, and alw willing to share too.

Sat, had a realli short hair cut. and well.. new wallet. went to meet my best poly pals @ raffles city. had our dinner @ shokudo. a new marche style japanese dining. haha. had quite some food and nvm the cost. its good times catching up. hope that the july genting trip is on. and yepz.

happy that each of my pals are doing well... they are...!!! haha.

10:37 PM

Thursday, June 05, 2008

its like well, ICT this week and kinda sian when booking in. but its kinda good too.. coz i can catch up with my army friends. from another perspective, ICT is an opportunity to stay away from boring and uninteresting ppl from sch and get in touch with camp mates. well, i tot my fitness was in ruins... and i managed to pull off a pass in face of the IPPT. haha...

i will miss five-bec and tommorrow is the last day of our first ICT. hope to see u guys soon again. and well... tc.

SATC is marvelous, totally engaging and heart-warming. 5 star!!!

11:13 PM

Saturday, May 31, 2008

ha. where should i start frm?

been working night shifts lately and well, its indeed taking a toil on me. but well... for the sake of money, and more funds for my oncoming gambling trip.. strive!!

bought the SATC OST and its realli good. the pre-sale promo was a good catch. and the entries in the OST? Awesome!!

attended the Graduation Ceremony on thursday for my poly. and well.. my 4th one. and its alw good. catching up with lecturers, conversing with guests. but the day is rather spoilt with the razor cut on the right side of my mouth. yucks!!

Results were out yesterday. i was pretty caught off-guard when i found out on that morning that results is out yesterday. i tot it was Saturday. and it was uptight for me. work shift ended @ 7am. and i din had a wink till 6pm when the results were out. sometimes, its not the results that kills. its probably the apprehension that does the job bah. but seriously, signs of relief kicks in and engaged with a good unwind session after viewing the results with a shokudo treat and movie @ cineleisure.

Indie 4 is rather good. i must say that i got in the indie craze rather late and yepz.. its good. nv estimate the old farks. like harrison ford... still kickass as 19 yrs back. plot is rather plain, but its the pure adventure that wins. Shia Lebeouf is good too...

News paper collection today. and yeps. kinda tiring, considering i barely had 7 hrs of sleep in over 50 hrs. but its great fun.

should i hit the streets for SATC tonite?

10:38 PM

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tbb route-trip to Genting is realli nice. u should see this clip

i dun noe why.. but seems although genting is a good case study for what would be like for the new IRs, but u can see why casinos are racking big bucks sia. and overall, the Genting is kinda rundown. but the casino are realli good.. and i was kinda fascinated with staying in the casino.

watch Accuracy of death last week and its good. sweet and lovely i muz say. although i watched it alone thou. geez... cant get the theme song out of my head. its realli nice and its called Sunny Day.

10:00 PM

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hmm... long time since i last blogged.

Its a long time since i said hi to my best friends, Fosters, Chivas, and Martells. its more of financial calculator, scientific calculators, textbooks and well... library lately.

done with my finance pp.. and lazing around. should i go watch IRON MAN Tonite? its sure a good movie i suppose. haha...

And the SPeed Racer? all these great movies are driving a movie buff like me crazy.

2:36 PM

Monday, April 07, 2008

Hahaha. Friday was kinda good. Met up with my army friend and a former superior during our stint in Mitsui Soko.
Good Fun when me and Liang Ting caught up with stuff in our lives. haha... and booze all the way @ Y2. i don remember how many jugs we downed, but it was rather lethal.... i was simply not in the best condition to drink. but its Good Fun.

Seriously, i nv tot pubbing would be fun again since a long time ago. but its more than juz socializing, which i juz figured out again. booze is my good friend for now.

reached home @ 5am and woke up to meet JJ for a run in school @ 9am the next morning. haha... damn shag sia... when u are 1/2 stoned and still do vigorous exercises... not recommended.

but its was good fun. haha.... the pubbing and the runs.

Heck, i am hooked to pubs now.... how how ???

11:06 AM

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

taken from my previous blog

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Life is Bitersweet...How do u judge life? the quality of life, or the quantity of life? or isst a balance?

If its a balance, is everyone balancing well out there? Most probably not rite? I guess we have to be truthful to ourselves, look after ourselves. In times of bad situations and hardship, we just have to move on, not like a zombie, but with a stronger will. tell urself: "life cant be alw that worst". it did help , at least for me!!. In times of low down, i juz brace myself for a smile, tell myself its okay, i m not the onli one. maybe most of u ppl out there know this veri long ago, and its a bit late that i realise that onli now, (please be forgiving for a clever person like me picking some stuff up so slow). well at least i tried....

Believe in the sun, even if its raining.

11:42 PM

Friday, February 29, 2008

Tbb followed the tradtion again. a pubbing session in recess week for 2 semesters in a row. but this outing was rather oso a catch-up session with my poly friends on the other hand. well... for all the tok-cock sessions. some friends even took a midnight cab to juz see me sia.. seems like pretty honoured sia.

I tot i was rather emo back then. coz i heard of the stuff tat happened to my friends outside there. kinda upset by how things are running for them. and they oso concerned about me.. coz me is all alone in NUS.

and well.. this outing is oso graced by many guests too... like ernest, kok liang, and boon ping. well, sorry for being a bad host, but well... i have to run to 2 tables sia... so well... my bad if i could not get the mood on...:)

I reckon things nv go in our stride the perfect way. but this is how we learn in life. difficulties and problems in all aspects, but well... it will be fine.. issnt it?

I am beginning to love the song, I Love You 无望 , by mayday, more and more each day.

8:31 AM

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Seems like Clover field isn't the best show in town. seriously. the 9-11 style monster attack isn't all great but has its credits. hit the movies again the next day on 2feb with Eileen and shimin. told a lie of student treats on Saturday movies. and they actually bought my lame story. it doesn't matter la... since i can go to movies. i think the supercharged tix i paid for myself is actually not that important issue thou.

Sweeney is realli good. the OST and the set of the movie. dark and wicked. its alw tim burton style to realli rock the viewers with the dark feel. kinda bloody and sick, but its a great show. GV max sure delivers. perfect legroom that even shimin has room to completely stretch her legs. haha.

Nice evening. and well.... i enjoyed myself.

12:43 PM

Thursday, January 24, 2008

haha... was watching Channel 8 last nite and chanced upon this HK drama-documentary.
looks pathetic on the outside, but when i looked deeper, realised that it was 人肉叉烧包. i mean i heard about the movie before, which was reputed in the infamous sick and sleazy RA flick, but never thought its a real thingy. This became a topic that me and my dad were dicussing late nite and well.. managed to share with with a few net friend. was quite fazed by the new fact that i quite learnt, and decided to blog bout it.

It all started with the 八仙饭店, which i guess its in the suburbs of HK in the 80's. the chap was a apprentice @ this eatery. and the story goes that some bad things happened to him and the owner of the shop. and he killed him out of rage. and perharps out of fear of complications, he slienced the whole of the family which was 8 in total. He hidden all their ID and passports in a stuffed bear of his daughter's and tot all will be fine, and spread the news that the whole family (which was murdered) had left the country. and he took charge of the shop.

However, dismembered limbs were found buried in a local beach, and this raised suspicion. that killer eventualli burned the shop and fled. although he was caught, little light was shed on how he had done the hedious crimes. he eventually committed suicide. Unoffically has it, when he was held custody, he did confide to his cellmates that the best 叉烧包 he has even made was of human flesh.

although he could be mad, and was babbling crap. this legendary 人肉叉烧包 does make sense. where were all the missing torsos of the dead family? limbs were found, but the torso's were nv recovered. and as a matter of fact, this is a true case in HK.

Darn.... make one's think twice about claiming 叉烧包 is ur favourite dish next time.


10:55 AM

Thursday, January 10, 2008

met up with my best pal since Sec Sch days. and its like well... donkeys of months since we last met. but we are still the same old type
--dun contact, but give us a few minutes and we are back to the good old days. me and Tjeon are ur so-called "refused-to-change" type. and this could be the reason why we are still so close since like 8 yrs ago.

had our traditional Bar Chor Mee.. and crapping bout all the stuff. and he made boxing sounds interesting. seems like i am realli giving boxing a serious tot. haha.

things do change in his life, and yepa. glad hes coping fine...

10:07 PM

Monday, January 07, 2008

Watched American Gangster @ GV on Friday Nite.
Its definitely one of those powerhouse shows that one should watch.
Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe were terrific in the act. Apart from the violence and the drugs, this movie examines the gray area between right and wrong. who's right and who's wrong? although there isnt much action involved, the story line is realli good. resembles Protege, but supercedes the storyline. Good Movie after all...

BE homecoming evening was held @ NAA Clubhouse in NP. About 80++ attended the event, even though the weather isnt @ its best. Glad that all went well.. and yepz...

10:37 AM

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This is a tribute for the ZUCC 05 Team Np. thanks for all the good times, fun times we had years back. hahaha. I really regretted not taking enough pictures...

11:49 PM

these photos were taken in 2005, during my stay in China back then... courtesy of Mao for all these. it was a superb day coz it snowed 4 hrs the previous nite.

Haha, its juz a freaky snowman....

Me and Mao

10:48 PM

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

went to movies AVP 2. its realli better than the first installment. and suspense and horror and thrillers. then proceeded with the dinner @ poly classmate house. its good fun of food and winning 11.

went to some exclusive place for firework viewing. and well.... its really good. good view, good fireworks.

and popped by a pub for some lite drinking. seems like i have been demoted from a normal pubber. coz when i took this photo @ the pub we were @, the waitress asked my friend: 'is this ur friend (Me) first time to a pub?' haha... i was like erm.... ||||. din realli drink alot. coz booze last nite was expensive. and u see alot of bodies strewing on the back alleys... and the awful sounds of ppl trying to get their booze out... this is Boat Quay, where liquor is drank and vommited.

JunBing, Me, Kian, Junliang, Tian Bao and Weilun

Wonderful Nite :) Thanks.

11:06 AM

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Haha.. my eyes had been glued to this anime sia... its good sia.. realli intense in terms of storyline. and well....

Watched National Treasure 2, and it is good...

and this is the last weekend of the year. time does flies issnt it?

2:29 AM

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cool cars... with the likes of Ford GT, CCX, Enzo. seriously... and Red Line is pretty good because car buffs would like this type. but the story is way too random. seriously.

and well the minced meat noodle @ bedok is realli a class above the rest.

9:16 PM

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Seriously, this artiste is good stuff... been listening to her 1-album-only songs for years... and its like recently when i read the lyrics and realise how sad her songs are... Emo Level Uppz :)

watch the Rocky Series 1-4 and its good stuff sia... Rainy day.... how sian sia.

10:22 AM

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


5:12 AM

Monday, December 17, 2007

Its been raining like crap.... and yepz... i am dead. i need to get a written essay completed by wed afternoon. i guess, to make this less suffer-able, i will be writing on my favorite topic.: Shopping Centres.


ain't it screwed when outing get canceled like 5 hrs before meeting time? sometimes, this is kinda not acceptable. but well.... watever.

Festive Season around the corner.... enjoy it with ya loved ones... :)

8:15 PM

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hows my day?

its been good.... 1/2 a yr nv been on driving lessons... and even the instructor is like "WTF" half a year nv been on wheels.... but well.... hope to chiong abit this month before the sch starts.

i hate to flame ppl.... coz i think its alw bad e-etiquette to do so. but i wun hesitate to do so. TRUST ME. and for ppl trying too hard to read between the lines... don't bother.

7:16 PM

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Why do we fall?
So that we can learn to pick ourselves up :)
this is taken frm Batman Begins.

Its a nice dvd... should watch it if got time....

8:24 PM

Friday, December 07, 2007

hahaha... was like doing heck nothing lately, and watched the trailer for Step-Up 2: the Streets. its Realli exciting.... and seems like it packing a heck lot of punch compared to the previous installment.

apple's Trailer: Step Up 2 : The Streets

My space

10:58 AM

Sunday, December 02, 2007

i think the best IT gadget of the year has arrived. The EEE PC.
seems like competitive prices, reliable build, and adequacy is the winning formula as the race for mobility goes on. When will i lay my hands on one of them? sian sia.... broke!!

If there is one thing i will get crazy of wun be any girls.... but the eee PC... haha,.

I was reading the first Magazine, and was quite disturbed with one of the quote from George Clooney. he was trying to advocate the use of green cars and truly believe that cell and batteries will one day replace oil and fuels in automobile, and he made this:

If you want to fight the war on terror, don't use their product anymore. That seems better than killing them; just don't use their product and don't give them money.

who is this 'their' hes referring to? Absolute Maddness.

11:29 AM

Monday, November 19, 2007

friday was a great evening. nice dinner @ town with some of my very best friends since poly days. WL and Kian... and well... had quite a handful to catch up, like kian and his new girl, WL and his recent interest in cars, and me, nothing special, still the troubled one..

But well, thats not the point. the good thing is that when things are not going too well for me, these thugs still lend me the much needed support. haha.... thanks pals.

exams is gonna be a uphill task. but it will pass asap.

well.... sometimes the end justifies the means. Oh really, My foot!!!

10:51 PM

Thursday, November 08, 2007

its gonna be fruits, apple pies, veggie, vegetable pies, lapis sagus for me....

I am sad, but i am not crying. isst part of growing upz?
I am happy, but i cant laugh. Wats wrong with life?

Interesting Quote:

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter

2:27 PM

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

i think days been great... but time to get school on right track. muz mugg lor.

Remember Remember, The 5th of November
The Stats Test @ LT27
I know of no reason
Why I have not been revising


Watched V for Vendetta and its a wonderful movie.

5:36 AM

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Its been a long time since i last blogged.

Was chatting with secret character last sunday and we mentioned bout the theory of "falling in love with a past".

We can try to move on after a failed or ended relationship, but i believe that we all @ some times wished that things could get reverted back to past. We keep this hope in ourselves and try to convince ourselves to move on. We believe that the with us not changing, things might someday get back to the "good old days" when our lost love might be rekindled some day.

Come to think about it, isst too foolish of us? how can we ever be sure that the other party would do the same? isst realli fair to us to hope and wait? isst worth torturing ourselves for this hope?

I don't think so.
Sometimes, we need to think alittle bit more for ourselves. we need to protect ourselves, coz its too tiring to wait for the revival of love. wats lost is lost. we can cry, we can feel depressed, but we shouldn't stumble too much. we should Move On.

Thankful for Huifang's advice;
coping with a failed relationship is juz like a dying patient on life support, is the life support prolonging life, or juz prolonging suffering?

I found my ans already.... wat bout u?

4:57 PM

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today is kinda sucky.

Too much stuff pounding on me sia...
Ill and hangover from some light drinking last nite.... Popz a few panadols...
mugg a handful...
Bought a new bag.... new phone yesterday (E65)..... new cam (NV3) arriving on 3 Oct

10:53 PM

Saturday, September 22, 2007

this week has been torrmenting to me.

I think i got the whole world worried about me. to the ppl who showed me great concern and care.... heartfelt graditude to all....

and for those i piss off badly.... sorri.... i rougly figure out too much sorry doesnt mean a thing bah... but think i m being too defensive and protective bah...

maybe i will make it in time to make all this back up well... maybe not... but well..

Hope everyone have a good weekend ahead.. take carez.

3:04 AM

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

this is a tribute to TBB inc.

Well.... we started as a small group of fun-loving, sporting bunch of student-to-bes... and well, we have extended our sphere of influence thru SDE. We had done alot of sweet things, some heart-warming ones... and well, most of the time, funny and corny stuffs...

We have a couple of drink sessions, uncountable botak jone's, bball games, girl-ogling, endless of cock-toking sessions and most importantly.... FOOD!!!!

We came up with our veri own clique shirts.

Sincerely thanks all of u peeps who made all these possible.... Thanks!!!!

10:14 PM

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

well... its been a great day out there. My tbb inc. had been realli good to me on my bday. they gave me a watch and celebrated my bday. somethin that i least expected. its too ex a present.... that i realli feel bad about it.

ppl had been complaining to me bout my late posts and largely inactive blog... well... sorri for the late posts... and well... this is it... a picture speak a thousand words. so let them do the job??

8:38 AM

Friday, August 17, 2007

Hoho... its a good day to go to the Bowling Alley...

Vance passing on the secret of perfect bowling....^

Step by step... to perfect strike...^

Group Pics

11:44 PM

as continued....

We dyed our moustache Green....

Gouging myself with the big fat jelly^

Teasing the Bday Girl....

Team Feugo.... Rox.

11:29 PM

Thursday, August 16, 2007

these are the pictures taken during our flag day last week... i think 7 Aug has been a wonderful day... and nice emi cake...

Started our day enthusiastically for flag....^

The Guy Team^

The Gal Team^

But Business has been bleak... so we went for K-Session.... and celebrate Shimin 19th bday..

9:55 PM

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i recalled one of my blog entry nearly a year ago....

"1 week time to 21 Years Old. so fast time flies. but lets be frank, i tell u my plan, i will switch my phone off come weekend. i don't want anyone to celebrate or feel happy for my birthday. There is no Reason. I Just Want To Be ALONE>"

Juz days to my 22nd bday and well... grateful that some friends of mine intending to treat me a dinner or what to celebrate for me. its goodwill but i guess i am not really into celebrating my bday... but mine this year falls on a Monday... means i have to give up sch on that day.... sianz....

had a good tok with vance the man on the bus.... and realised that other than the same bus 99 we take back home.... we share a lot of common traits too.... haha... this is farni....

well... schooling heat picking up real fast.....

8:52 PM

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Its been a great day for me.... Uppz and Downs... and ultimately, SDE won the Best Float for Rag2007. Who would imagine that we managed to work against all odds, from the sole damaged float during transportation to a award-winning float.

Thou winning for me was a mixed feeling... coz the floaters boys had a wager.... : Shave if we win the Best Float. but nvm all these.... its was as if all went berserk when they announced us as winners.... we were yelling @ the top of our voice....

TEAM Feugo: We did it all together!!!

So many awards^

hoho.... its me and the jewels of "Fredo"

Great Day and It was 120% joy and fun.... Thanks to all who made it possible... :)

6:44 PM

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

hoho.... finally got the photos of Pub-session 1.2 from Vance-the Man...

Pub Games with the "ever-owned" Shimin^

Team Feugo goes to Pub^

Another Grp Pix^

Group Pix (aftermath session 1.2)^
Hoho.... Heard there is another session this week.... giving it a miss bah.

10:37 AM

Sunday, July 29, 2007

its been a good friday nite i guess...
Coz i had a good heck fun pubbing with the new thugs i got to noe @ NUS. had quite some booze and its kinda good. school's gonna start real soon and this might be the last of pubbsession around for me... haha.

Saturday was bad... coz me had to endure a gruelling diarrhoea. kinda sucky but will been better already. spent one of my last penny on the lastest edition of FIRST Magazine.... my source of movie details.

So many movies to catch this Aug. 881, Bourne Ultimatium... and more... me gonna be broke...
haha.... rainy Sunday... sianz....

11:12 AM

Saturday, July 21, 2007


QET is realli a killer for me. and to make it worse, it juz reminds me of the failed scholarship attempt last year. and kinda upset after the paper for quite some time. and it kinda affected my friends during our outing after the paper.
went to a pub later in the nite and its a kinda good fun thou we are drinking beer onli. i dun noe if its generation gaps or wat... kinda surprised that like the whole lot dun noe pub games... then tot them to play them and its heck of alot fun. all those i have learnt from JB and Gang are useful. then fragged the two girls to drink.... its kinda evil of me la.... haha. but well, whu carez

work in the warehouse has remained boring as usual... and we were caught on surveillances cams for slacking @ work.... i was caught fighting with my friend on camera... and its kinda cock of the three of us. malu.....

9:13 AM


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