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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

hoho.... finally got the photos of Pub-session 1.2 from Vance-the Man...

Pub Games with the "ever-owned" Shimin^

Team Feugo goes to Pub^

Another Grp Pix^

Group Pix (aftermath session 1.2)^
Hoho.... Heard there is another session this week.... giving it a miss bah.

10:37 AM

Sunday, July 29, 2007

its been a good friday nite i guess...
Coz i had a good heck fun pubbing with the new thugs i got to noe @ NUS. had quite some booze and its kinda good. school's gonna start real soon and this might be the last of pubbsession around for me... haha.

Saturday was bad... coz me had to endure a gruelling diarrhoea. kinda sucky but will been better already. spent one of my last penny on the lastest edition of FIRST Magazine.... my source of movie details.

So many movies to catch this Aug. 881, Bourne Ultimatium... and more... me gonna be broke...
haha.... rainy Sunday... sianz....

11:12 AM

Saturday, July 21, 2007


QET is realli a killer for me. and to make it worse, it juz reminds me of the failed scholarship attempt last year. and kinda upset after the paper for quite some time. and it kinda affected my friends during our outing after the paper.
went to a pub later in the nite and its a kinda good fun thou we are drinking beer onli. i dun noe if its generation gaps or wat... kinda surprised that like the whole lot dun noe pub games... then tot them to play them and its heck of alot fun. all those i have learnt from JB and Gang are useful. then fragged the two girls to drink.... its kinda evil of me la.... haha. but well, whu carez

work in the warehouse has remained boring as usual... and we were caught on surveillances cams for slacking @ work.... i was caught fighting with my friend on camera... and its kinda cock of the three of us. malu.....

9:13 AM

Sunday, July 15, 2007

its been an aimless Saturday for me.... went to watch Harry Potter @ tiong Bahru with my friend, Kian... and its great... the movie.... who noes that halfway.... i felt that i was sweating alot in the cinema.... then realised that the air con had failed... its sucky coz the movie is a long one....

The movie is great... one of those 2hrs plus movies that kept me going without dozing.... thou me is not a avid Potter fan.....

I think i am the receptor of bad karma recently.... think me better dun 'suan' 'the one not to be mentioned' too much...

3:55 PM

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday is a fairly nice day for me.
Work is relax, and had a great dinner with my new NUS friends @ Clementi's Botak Jones.
how i wish i can juz quit my work and work in Rag.... but well... its not that far. 4 more working days.

shared with quite a handful of friends about the "i gonna swim over to f**k ur ass til ur eyes pop out' joke and its kinda successful... maybe we do a youtube clip soon?

a ipod for myself is not that far away. its gonna happen soon... hehe

Success is not measured by how smooth-sailing your life journey is, but the struggles you encountered hitting the rough waves....

10:29 AM

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

its like maddness.... Lian Jie 'entertain' lvl realli upps....
have to entertain my OG mates from feugo to watch Die Hard again. its like F**k... what the...
but lan lan... watch la... kaoz.

Then found out that i actualli miss alot of the movie. its like erm.... well... okay.... maybe there is a point in watching the movie again.

Feels kinda down that gonna mizz Rag for the next 1.5 weeks. wonder how it would like to be able to be in the total fun. well.. its mid week and well.... 6 more working days...

My work buddies are now saying alot of LJ words.... like : 'fine fine, u quit ur job la... u onli lose 3 friends but gain more friends mah.....' its kinda mind boogling... sianz sia....

10:39 PM

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The 4-day Camp is fantastic. and got to noe more friends. its like non-stop fun for the whole of the camp. No regrets.... and like what i told my friends, even if the fee is 3 times higher, i will still sign up. The morale is damn upped.... , Group: Fuego.

Thou most of the games we not realli winning, but each of us put in the effort to do it to our best. thats where team spirit comes in. me enjoyed myself so much i lost my farking voice....

Pay is out... and went on a rampage on shopping....
2 FourSkin Tees,
one brand new ONTO Headphones. The ONTO series.

Watched Die Hard 4.0 last nite. its quite a catch if u adore MaggieQ. shes hot and dazzling. but the movie isn't that good. thou i dun realli follow up on the Die Hard Series, i think the movie loses steam towards the 75% of the movie... guess too much actions were packed in the front. But after all... its one of the movie event of the year... so i should shut my gap and stop criticizing this flick.

11:42 AM


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