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Saturday, December 30, 2006

went to catch the Borat. Its not a good deal afterall. sian sia. freakly lame sia.
however, Blood Diamond is good. ****** rating.

was recalling about the games we had in Bunk. Uno. 2 person draw the big small, who lose do push ups. i was playing with this balding guy. and well, i sux. i lost a fair deal. but its funny.
like both of us like a bit shag while going to book out. haha.....

NS may not totally sux because we make life funnier with all this lame shit. maybe we should come up with clips of the stupid stuff we do when we free. u cant estimate the creativity of NS servicemen. They are Nuts: Bollocks.

11:31 PM

i am the type of person who will alw remember ppl. more of the type being forgotten by people, but wun forget ppl. but today has two cases of it. on the Bus to Orchard, this 3 girls was sitting around me. and one approached me asking if i was frm SQPS. i was. but i have no idea who this girl was. after some dialogue, realise this girl was a classmate of my during P1 P2. totally cleanly cant recall.

Then i was @ my favourite shop @ esplanade. saw this guy who greeted me. but i stare @ him blankly.... wondering who the hell is him..... then its the FMB guys... frm my poly one....

I am so ill mannered. i cant recall names lately. and i dun even put effort in it. I need to Change.

Year End Lor. Enjoy the Festive Periods


11:18 PM

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Its the Festive seasons again. merry and have fun. drinking seems to be not my cup of tea anymore. I hate Booze liao... imagine i was drinking Green tea 1/2 of the night on christmas eve. it was till 1/2 way that i started. On the Rocks... but the feeling of intoxicated sux.

caught a few good movies... like Curse of the Golden Flower and Death Note 2.
its a good week... Juz bad that it rain and rain. please stop.

Have a Nice Week....

10:32 PM

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sometimes, its just a bad feeling when u are being misunderstood. when i was holding up for a point for my ppl, i was used as a tool for someone's agenda. its totally a rotten feeling when u speak ur point and ppl think otherwise. maybe its alrite. I did nothing wrong. that could be the best i can say to myself.

4th case of MRT jumps in 2 months. this is getting more and more common sia. this is juz another terrible trend. Life is precious. dun ever take the edge of the knife.

hmm.... well friends and folks... take care1!

8:20 PM

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sitex is Cool Sia....
cool gadgets, good prices... and well... good place to be @ this weekend.

And i saw the Macbook Black.. its cool... and i think i will get it.... Funds raising to 80%.... should not be far away.

I will Name it Shrek.... Ha.

8:13 PM


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