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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

So long no loggin to Blog liao. its not realli bz... but my life has been relatively simple liao... nuthin much to say either too. Like on Tue, i saw the Graduation of BE on the web... so nice... all dress so smart. next year's my turn. i realised that i cant study anymore,... the peak is like over liao. no drive... no life liao. books sucks. i hate it. then today got this Facility management Test... bloody Ez lor.... but oso good in some sense... dun need to crack brain so much. haha. cAN'T imagine it either... turning 19 soon.... in less than 48 hrs. haha. wat am i.... a speck of big dust. hai... sob sob

8:12 PM

Friday, August 06, 2004

i think i need to complete my assignment. i need to do a good job. haha. then finished and handed in. then went to see a movie at nite with jun bing and jun liang. The Village. It is veri artistic, and i would rate it as a atypical horror flick. veri extraordinary plot that will set u breathtakening. then my day ended. Completely exhausted!!!

3:00 PM

Sunday, August 01, 2004

today was quite a setback. wake up slack slack. drag and drag. then went to the flag day for the Down Syndrome Asso Flagday. i wasnt realli willing to go at all. but i think i own that lecturer a favour. so i went. so set off.. to the land i hated most:orchard Road
so went in... to meredien.. then sat there. my job was to help in admin for 1 station. managing more than 100 donation tins.
my first job is simple.... fetch somethin to Wisma from Meredien,... and the fuck came in liao... i dun noe where is it. thats Fucking sia....
then got to noe this small boi by the name of jin Kian, a small cute guy with down symdrone. he is realli cute. and he gave me a letter. although i cant figutr out what he's writing, but its obvious.. he came with a goodwill. then waited till 9 before my job is completed.
then the2nd fuck came in. no 1 told me choclate at Orchard rd is so ex... a whole chopping 18 bucks... for a few pieces. i gettin it for the lecturer mrs tan. cannot say anythin more. she helped me so much...
Lesson for the Day
1 Go to Orchard rd more
2 chocolate at Orchard Rd is so expensive

12:26 AM


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