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Friday, February 29, 2008

Tbb followed the tradtion again. a pubbing session in recess week for 2 semesters in a row. but this outing was rather oso a catch-up session with my poly friends on the other hand. well... for all the tok-cock sessions. some friends even took a midnight cab to juz see me sia.. seems like pretty honoured sia.

I tot i was rather emo back then. coz i heard of the stuff tat happened to my friends outside there. kinda upset by how things are running for them. and they oso concerned about me.. coz me is all alone in NUS.

and well.. this outing is oso graced by many guests too... like ernest, kok liang, and boon ping. well, sorry for being a bad host, but well... i have to run to 2 tables sia... so well... my bad if i could not get the mood on...:)

I reckon things nv go in our stride the perfect way. but this is how we learn in life. difficulties and problems in all aspects, but well... it will be fine.. issnt it?

I am beginning to love the song, I Love You 无望 , by mayday, more and more each day.

8:31 AM

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Seems like Clover field isn't the best show in town. seriously. the 9-11 style monster attack isn't all great but has its credits. hit the movies again the next day on 2feb with Eileen and shimin. told a lie of student treats on Saturday movies. and they actually bought my lame story. it doesn't matter la... since i can go to movies. i think the supercharged tix i paid for myself is actually not that important issue thou.

Sweeney is realli good. the OST and the set of the movie. dark and wicked. its alw tim burton style to realli rock the viewers with the dark feel. kinda bloody and sick, but its a great show. GV max sure delivers. perfect legroom that even shimin has room to completely stretch her legs. haha.

Nice evening. and well.... i enjoyed myself.

12:43 PM


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