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Saturday, May 31, 2008

ha. where should i start frm?

been working night shifts lately and well, its indeed taking a toil on me. but well... for the sake of money, and more funds for my oncoming gambling trip.. strive!!

bought the SATC OST and its realli good. the pre-sale promo was a good catch. and the entries in the OST? Awesome!!

attended the Graduation Ceremony on thursday for my poly. and well.. my 4th one. and its alw good. catching up with lecturers, conversing with guests. but the day is rather spoilt with the razor cut on the right side of my mouth. yucks!!

Results were out yesterday. i was pretty caught off-guard when i found out on that morning that results is out yesterday. i tot it was Saturday. and it was uptight for me. work shift ended @ 7am. and i din had a wink till 6pm when the results were out. sometimes, its not the results that kills. its probably the apprehension that does the job bah. but seriously, signs of relief kicks in and engaged with a good unwind session after viewing the results with a shokudo treat and movie @ cineleisure.

Indie 4 is rather good. i must say that i got in the indie craze rather late and yepz.. its good. nv estimate the old farks. like harrison ford... still kickass as 19 yrs back. plot is rather plain, but its the pure adventure that wins. Shia Lebeouf is good too...

News paper collection today. and yeps. kinda tiring, considering i barely had 7 hrs of sleep in over 50 hrs. but its great fun.

should i hit the streets for SATC tonite?

10:38 PM

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tbb route-trip to Genting is realli nice. u should see this clip

i dun noe why.. but seems although genting is a good case study for what would be like for the new IRs, but u can see why casinos are racking big bucks sia. and overall, the Genting is kinda rundown. but the casino are realli good.. and i was kinda fascinated with staying in the casino.

watch Accuracy of death last week and its good. sweet and lovely i muz say. although i watched it alone thou. geez... cant get the theme song out of my head. its realli nice and its called Sunny Day.

10:00 PM


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