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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ha. being part of SDE Rag (Float team) is perhaps, by far, the best decision i ever made in NUS. Fun and odd working hours, its pretty remarkable for me, considering i just recovered from a fracture on my left foot. gotten back to noe of my fellow year floaters, and forge new friendships with freshies. its a pretty much an enjoyable process.

A tribute to all the ppl who made SDE Rag 2008/09...
when the music track for our presentation ends, we'd already won. months of pain-staking efforts, all for this special occasion. No one can ever take the sense of satisfaction away from anyone who had given in any form for this rag event of ours. We are the best and ahead lies a bright path, no longer mulling on what went wrong, but with the 'Bring it on' attitude. Cheers.

Last nite is this boozy session with pals from my Poly days. drinks and drinks... its like pretty much a booze run of all of us. KTV, booze, and well, catching up. the 8-hr non-stop pubbing spree. Got back @ 5am and having driving lessons @ 8am. cool sia... this seems like a massacre on me sia. 2 mths not behind wheels, half-drunk state, it seems pretty much a challenge for myself to handle. but well... safe and sound.

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