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Saturday, October 09, 2004

I think weeks of stress has passed. time for more Initial D. a joke came in too overboard. a girl says that she will marry me if i buy her a Sentosa Cove lot at Sentosa. sound greats? haha thats a cool 3000000. whu got this money. so my friends were like joking about it all the time. ahah its also good in so way. this girl lighten my boring life. that i am not that boring after all. haha. Lame rite? i got to go to China Next year with 15 Np student. so no attachment for me. got to stay in school. all my other friends got to attachments. sobbing this time round. no 1 will be there. haha. i got a 1500dollars scholarship liao. from a flopped interview. haha thats lucky.
i simply pissed with some ppl in my course lately. F**K them!!

1:15 AM


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Trains, Binge Drinkers
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