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Monday, February 26, 2007


Rented You Got Served and The Prestige.... the Prestige is a good movie... mind blogging enough. and u ask this qns.... who suffered more? guess no 1 has an ans.
"Obsession is a young man's game."

You Got served is a Hip Hop Show and its really good not in the theatrical set... but the dances is good stuff sia. and white shoes rox Big time.

Been to some friend's house and spent the whole day stoning. nothing fantastic...but its okay.

good day my friends.


12:18 AM

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday is a normal slack day.
visited Mr Tan @ NP. and suddenly had a idea of of gathering by the pool side of the clubhouse. its gonna be great.

went to Suntec for PopCornPop.. Bought the Sky Captain and the World Of Tommorrow Poster. also with the BabEl Chirashi.

Caught Hannibal Rising @ JP.

Hannibal Rising is bout the young Hannibal Lecter and how his appetite for exotic food starts. This psychotic character is played by a young french actor Gaspard Ulliel, his first baddie. he looked damn sick sia. story starts and young Hannibal and the lecters were forced to leave their beloved castle during war. parents killed in war, leaving him and his younger sis stranded in the abandon house. a group of soldiers, believe to be germans, held them captive. on the verge of dying of hunger, the soldiers killed Hannibal's sister for Food.

Lecter grew up with this scar and later seek revenge on those responsible.....

Nice but creepy sia.... the lead, has this dimple on his left cheek... that seems to be freaky, coz he seems to be smiling all the time, when he has the evil tots or doing the evil stuff....

12:18 PM

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well, its shopping times for me. i was like fascinated by this Noodles. The Kang Shi Fu Noodles, in Chix or Seafood. been my best friend when i was in China. Tis Noodles are good stuff... and i was like so happy when i saw them @ the local Supermart. bought 3 packs and carried the load home.

9:22 PM

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Been to Movies for Protege/.... its good and really damn real. toks about the depressing world of drugs, ppl selling their life to this lucrative Industry. A bit of saddening and agonizing at some point of time. Well , I cant think of anything positive bout this movie.... except for this.

The Vita Ice Lemon Tea. Since 1979.

haha. this is one hella of nice drink. was seen in the first scene in the movie. this is good stuff.

10:16 AM

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hmm.... Nothing Impressive... and do the routine visit.

Went to Town for a Movie.

Went to HMV for Mag.... Empire

Went to MOS


10:16 AM

Friday, February 16, 2007

hmm.... been to a friend's Bday on Tue.... and well... heard bout settler's cafe, but din realise that its such a nice place. nice place to chill and play board/card games. haha.

Happy Belated Birthday Yue Er..........

11:14 PM

Well... its Lunar New Year. What am i doing on Eve? I am Doing medical coverage in camp. sad. but well... thats not that bad afterall... got lots of off...

10:14 PM

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Single V Day? Not a big deal. haha.... later me gonna book in with some chips to watch tv. hahah..
this week is finally ending and my biggest ordeal is over. haha... Good Game.


Lian Jie

8:18 PM

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I bought my pair of white sneakers. its a pair of adidas Pure White Sneakers. and wearing it was like cool.... so striking... striking by its simplicity. haha....
another item was the 4Skin Tee that i bought. its cool.... haha...
spent too much $$ last nite/

Wanted to see the portege but din managed. will see alot of movies this coming festive periods. haha..

Well, this gonna be a tough week... but hope everythin be alrite.

Good Luck

10:06 PM

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ha.... these are the love of my life recently. both are cool, and both are expensive. actually, i only have enough $$ for the Black Machine on the Rite. haha.... This is cool... and its stylish.

9:51 PM

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Well, Chinese New Year is around the corner, and there are a good lot of movies around. here are some of the titles.

Protege --> Opens Feb 15. this is a good chinese movie. stars Andy Lau, Daniel Wu and Louis Koo.

Ghost Rider --> Opens Feb 15

Epic Movie --> Opens Feb 15

Letters of Iwo Jima --> Opens Feb 23

These movies are great and will be able to keep me occupied for the good chinese new year.

7:20 PM


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