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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Set off with quite a heavy heart, uncertainity loomed me the whole of the day. i bought 3 books with me in my travel bag, 'Sex and the City', 'A walk to remember', 'V 4 Vendetta'. tot i could kill off time with them.

tot that life would be hard there.... and i am the most lowly rank and junoir attached personel in the whole Ex. Time did pass slowly, but i am alw doing the samething time from time.... Eat Sleep Eat Sleep. same to outfield. juz food sux big time in Outfield(Conbat ration). thank god i have my mp3player with me.... otherwise time will onli pass veri slowly.
its enjoyable and great time i spent in Thailand afterall....

Got some stuff back to Sg. like instant porridge, bacon and seaweed chips, gums.

Cant say too much coz its a military exercise....

Caught Da Vinci Code movie.... and grateful some one saw it with me. Thanks.

12:44 AM

Friday, May 12, 2006

Last nite was trying to go clubbing, and made way to mohd sultan... and juz could not believe that i lost my hp... its not the 8250, but the 7260. i acted quite fast and called to suspend my line. all done within 5 mins. hope my bill dun shoots. i continued as usual and went to MOS as the que @ Sultan is too much....

I am quite affected by the loss of the phone, coz it contains alot of photos that i treasured alot. I am Sorri.... I collected my new sim card today and thank god, it works...

I am Leaving for thailand tonite, past midnight. average temp is 34 degrees. max is 42. i will do my stuff proper and take good care of myself and the personel under my medical cover. Pray....

I will miss so much, hahaha being unable to watch DVC movie when it released, and many many others. take care of myself and cant think more liao... FOCUS>

Take Care, People around.... Love u ppl alot.

5:19 PM

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Leaving on Saturday 2++ flight to Thailand. kinda halfhearted.... but have to go thru it. Bo Bian. packed my barang barang, and have a day off.... so tommorrow free.... ahaha...

Tommorrow will be a better day.

10:55 PM

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today is cool.... New Shirt.... And its realli nice to wear. My DomanChi shirt. but my tie is shit... so i rushed early to bugis to get a sales attendent to help me.... pathetic rite? lucky i got it rite.... and some kind person helped... the Interview is veri Intense and stress. i glad i make it thru without any great regrets.... some stuff can do better... but will improve the next time. Glad that i met some big shots.... in the Industries. its quite worthwhile.

ANd 3 days Countdown to Cresendo. Should be Fine. hope alls sound and Fine. I will have a good trip. Take Care.

8:17 PM

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Haha.... Caught MI:3 on Friday with my brother. I am not a fan of the thriller, but was fazed with the shots of Shanghai. trust me.... Anythin Associated with Shanghai is good stuff. Coz i love the city. but the medical knowledge of the movie makers is crap.... i was laughing at the final part and to think that the female lead is a doctor in the movie.

Caught up with Kian on Saturday. had a hell lot of talks... and hang out for a good time. I had bought a Domanchi Shirt for my tue interview and June's BE Graduation. the Movie is a flop.... i think looping the scary soundtrack over 75% of the movie is a relatively bad move. i was like bored..... hahah... and good thing that kian and me were cursing the movie outright. haha. 6 days before i move out, and i have hell lot of reading to do to prepare for the interview....

8:06 PM

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hahaha.... forgot to add in the ability test stuff.... and it was hard difficult. had troubles in writing and taking the tests. but made my day thru, at least i tried.

But Guess What!!! they contacted me today.... asking me for a second Interview over at Keppel Land. which i understand as the last interview. haha. i was like stunted.... and couldn't reply the call.... and yippee.... i am so happy... Thanks for those who made it all Possible,,,.... and i wun waste any chances anymore.

Never.... Must read Up... and get prepared for the grilling....

9:02 PM

Monday, May 01, 2006

Today was sleeping whole day long @ home. then receive a call at 3, then realise that i was late for a 2.3o appointment with friends in Town. rushed and went afterall.... i decided to go to the POP Corn POP.... its a place that sells the movies stuff and collectibles... and saw this interesting ChiRaShi... a.k.a Japanese Handbills. so these flyers bear the movie ads in japanese. bought the one on V and Daisy.

then went to Boat Quay to Celebrate JB's Bday. its seems bad to have bad drinking ettiqute... like the bday boi puke so many times.... as his gang for friends forced him into booze. and worst.... he puke on me.... but din realli drink alot coz of my dutie on sunday.

Do ppl celebrating 21 bday have to have big cakes? i guess its not me.... coz i dun think i be celebrating at all.

6:09 PM

Totally shagged out by duties at Medical Centre for 1 1/2 day. and glad that i ended my day. thought of asking a few friends out to Zouk before 10... coz its so much cheaper. but well.... there might be better installation up front for us... that we went to MOS instead...

Its a cool place sia.... and esp kowtow to the Smoove sia..... guess my friends have much a better time there... but the dancefloor is like flooded.... and u noe the typical stuff, guys flocked here and there for girls.... so its kinda disturbing...

Overall Its a good day. But i am exhausted flat..... so little sleep over 3 days.

5:58 PM

I onli read a email on Wed nite bout a ability test from Keppel on Thursday. and god, i have my duty on that day. thank god was allowed to go. It was my first contact to Ability Tests. well, tried my best, and i am kinda happy that i was able to advance to this stage. 80 skimmed to less than 20. Hmm.... was rather unhappy bout the arrangement of notification such as emails that do not require confirmations, or reminder calls. but count myself lucky to be able to participate.

5:51 PM


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