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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Today Routine Orders is the biggest news. I am finally promoted to 3sg.... ahahah... yea.... have to start saving for my trip to china in apr...

9:33 PM

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hmm.... i think i am going mad. 5 duties... over 2 week.... with 2 Saturday Duties. have to bear thru it.... hahaha..... i think it could be the Guardian effect, that i want to see the rescue swimmers stuff... seem the UmiZaru on DVD. and its good stuff sia. i am waiting for the sequel... and hope that i dun need to wait long.

i wonder hows all my friends over the weekend. hope the festive periods will bring joy and happiness to all.... Dun Worry, Be Happy!!! take care.

7:24 PM

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I finally bought the portable speakers... and its hot pink..... @ 10 dollars..... its so cool....
watched the Guardian.... a good movie and worth the time and $$$....

Going to get spec rank soon..... happy...

9:55 PM

Sunday, October 22, 2006

How times files... and its end of the year already. annual leaves, ongoing plannings for a alumni Event, and more movies to watch, more chirashis to collect..... its OCT liao.... what have i done.?

I had:
-taken over as the Medic OIC of my unit, taking care of 17 medics under my command.
-attended the SPEC II course to upgrade my medical aid skills.
-gotten to know as many new friends around.
-fell in love in Movies/ Chirashi(s)
-picked up reading.

Things i want to quit or change:
-Drinking (its on the right track.... and i will switch onto fruit punch.....) Level of Impt: *******

still got so much things to do.... and i mustnt dwell... Move On Paw...... GoGoGo....

11:37 AM

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

i had graduated from my 2 month course.... Hate to leave my friends i made in the past 2 months, they are juz great A**s.... hahaha... I will remember all of u all. hope that this will leave a good memories to all.... I had this tunic, something like the scrubs that nurses wear, and its all signed by my friends..... call it vandalise, but this is the mean i keep my memories alive.

I want to thank u, penny. thanks. i made it thru the course. THANKS>

Watched the Movie "the departed". and could onli say this is the movie of the year. same plot, but the characters are more colourful and rich. not much twist but the leonado is good s***.... he is better than tony leung in the Infernal Affairs.

10:31 PM

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ha, its the 8th week in course, and we were embarked on a field camp. this is the first time i enjoyed myself. and i was like kinda aimed, i always a low profile personnel and out of no where, i was like given key appt @ times. haha.... well it was fun.

Sad that this course is ending, and ppl are always the same, we onli gel together onli when the course is ending. but i had a good time.... Trainee Life Rox.... except for the late screwed up book out timings.

watched Death Note last nite alone. its a pretty SMART movie and clever in the sense of story. veri intensive and rich. its good and it already pitched for the sequel in the middle of the movie. Japan launching the sequel onli on 3rd Nov. Means Sg earliest is next feb. have to wait sia.

4:28 PM

Sunday, October 08, 2006

This week is so packed that i couldn't breath. went to JB on Saturday with friends and a China Friend of mine, who travelled so far just to meet us. we went GO Kart, and surprisingly, there is a good catch of the fun. haha... Enjoyed myself alot.

went to pub to celebrate Weilun's Bday. its a big bash. but i got something wrong with myself. deep inside tell me to stop drinking. tell me i am sick of liqour. and i pondered on what fang yi was telling me earlier in the day. and i start to ask why am i drinking. i don't know. yesterday was the first time that i drank with such a heavy heart. this could be the best time to stop.

Today is Penny's 21st Bday. it took me so much just to send a SMS to wish her a good bday and a fantastic year awaits her. this was the first communication we had in the past 8 mths.

Today Dawn:
i din sleep the whole day on Saturday, and i am determined to send off Yu XIn, the Chinese friend @ her flight @ 0720. i reached the airport before 5, intoxicated. its not good, but thank god that i sobber up to see her off. just got to know she reach back safely. Take Care my friend. We will meet in Hang Zhou next year. return train home was so tiring, that i might be snoring hard on the train back.... Ha.

Take Care My friends.
Lian Jie

5:17 PM

Sunday, October 01, 2006

been to the movie Rob B hood. although i am not a thorough fan of Jackie Chan since i saw Sa Po Lang, this is once decent movie. actions, entertainment, and comedy. and the baby is darn cute. haha.... and Charlene Choi is good Stuff.

this week is a rough week though. @ Home, work. but hope it get better soon.

I need a cupboard desperately. my room has nuthin to shelve my stuff.

3:56 PM


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