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Thursday, January 24, 2008

haha... was watching Channel 8 last nite and chanced upon this HK drama-documentary.
looks pathetic on the outside, but when i looked deeper, realised that it was 人肉叉烧包. i mean i heard about the movie before, which was reputed in the infamous sick and sleazy RA flick, but never thought its a real thingy. This became a topic that me and my dad were dicussing late nite and well.. managed to share with with a few net friend. was quite fazed by the new fact that i quite learnt, and decided to blog bout it.

It all started with the 八仙饭店, which i guess its in the suburbs of HK in the 80's. the chap was a apprentice @ this eatery. and the story goes that some bad things happened to him and the owner of the shop. and he killed him out of rage. and perharps out of fear of complications, he slienced the whole of the family which was 8 in total. He hidden all their ID and passports in a stuffed bear of his daughter's and tot all will be fine, and spread the news that the whole family (which was murdered) had left the country. and he took charge of the shop.

However, dismembered limbs were found buried in a local beach, and this raised suspicion. that killer eventualli burned the shop and fled. although he was caught, little light was shed on how he had done the hedious crimes. he eventually committed suicide. Unoffically has it, when he was held custody, he did confide to his cellmates that the best 叉烧包 he has even made was of human flesh.

although he could be mad, and was babbling crap. this legendary 人肉叉烧包 does make sense. where were all the missing torsos of the dead family? limbs were found, but the torso's were nv recovered. and as a matter of fact, this is a true case in HK.

Darn.... make one's think twice about claiming 叉烧包 is ur favourite dish next time.


10:55 AM

Thursday, January 10, 2008

met up with my best pal since Sec Sch days. and its like well... donkeys of months since we last met. but we are still the same old type
--dun contact, but give us a few minutes and we are back to the good old days. me and Tjeon are ur so-called "refused-to-change" type. and this could be the reason why we are still so close since like 8 yrs ago.

had our traditional Bar Chor Mee.. and crapping bout all the stuff. and he made boxing sounds interesting. seems like i am realli giving boxing a serious tot. haha.

things do change in his life, and yepa. glad hes coping fine...

10:07 PM

Monday, January 07, 2008

Watched American Gangster @ GV on Friday Nite.
Its definitely one of those powerhouse shows that one should watch.
Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe were terrific in the act. Apart from the violence and the drugs, this movie examines the gray area between right and wrong. who's right and who's wrong? although there isnt much action involved, the story line is realli good. resembles Protege, but supercedes the storyline. Good Movie after all...

BE homecoming evening was held @ NAA Clubhouse in NP. About 80++ attended the event, even though the weather isnt @ its best. Glad that all went well.. and yepz...

10:37 AM

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This is a tribute for the ZUCC 05 Team Np. thanks for all the good times, fun times we had years back. hahaha. I really regretted not taking enough pictures...

11:49 PM

these photos were taken in 2005, during my stay in China back then... courtesy of Mao for all these. it was a superb day coz it snowed 4 hrs the previous nite.

Haha, its juz a freaky snowman....

Me and Mao

10:48 PM

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

went to movies AVP 2. its realli better than the first installment. and suspense and horror and thrillers. then proceeded with the dinner @ poly classmate house. its good fun of food and winning 11.

went to some exclusive place for firework viewing. and well.... its really good. good view, good fireworks.

and popped by a pub for some lite drinking. seems like i have been demoted from a normal pubber. coz when i took this photo @ the pub we were @, the waitress asked my friend: 'is this ur friend (Me) first time to a pub?' haha... i was like erm.... ||||. din realli drink alot. coz booze last nite was expensive. and u see alot of bodies strewing on the back alleys... and the awful sounds of ppl trying to get their booze out... this is Boat Quay, where liquor is drank and vommited.

JunBing, Me, Kian, Junliang, Tian Bao and Weilun

Wonderful Nite :) Thanks.

11:06 AM


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