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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hmm... long time since i last blogged.

Its a long time since i said hi to my best friends, Fosters, Chivas, and Martells. its more of financial calculator, scientific calculators, textbooks and well... library lately.

done with my finance pp.. and lazing around. should i go watch IRON MAN Tonite? its sure a good movie i suppose. haha...

And the SPeed Racer? all these great movies are driving a movie buff like me crazy.

2:36 PM

Monday, April 07, 2008

Hahaha. Friday was kinda good. Met up with my army friend and a former superior during our stint in Mitsui Soko.
Good Fun when me and Liang Ting caught up with stuff in our lives. haha... and booze all the way @ Y2. i don remember how many jugs we downed, but it was rather lethal.... i was simply not in the best condition to drink. but its Good Fun.

Seriously, i nv tot pubbing would be fun again since a long time ago. but its more than juz socializing, which i juz figured out again. booze is my good friend for now.

reached home @ 5am and woke up to meet JJ for a run in school @ 9am the next morning. haha... damn shag sia... when u are 1/2 stoned and still do vigorous exercises... not recommended.

but its was good fun. haha.... the pubbing and the runs.

Heck, i am hooked to pubs now.... how how ???

11:06 AM


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