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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

its been a refreshing week for me since i had removed my foot cast. well... like we had a wonderful post bday celebrations for tbb ppl. then well... i had my share of movies.... Red Cliff and hellboy 2. Red cliff is one movie of good heck. and well... asia has finally answered to the western's LOTR and Troy. wonderful john woo flick. and its more than history, action and anything else. its a big bang asian kick ass good stuff.

Hellboy is good thou. its better than the first. and the movie is packed with more punch, action and bits of humour and drama. entertaining.

11:38 PM

Monday, July 07, 2008

ha, today met up with wee tjeon for a dinner @ Botak Jones BL. haha... fast and zippy, the food was served real fast even @ 6 plus, which was supposed to be peak. but the process of getting there was maddening. i limped from home, jurong to boon lay. like 6 bus stops away. its pretty tiring, but well... it would pay well, coz its my best friend sia.

Caught up with him a long damn time. i could not remember when is the last time i seen him. could it be last December, when i said i would consider boxing in 1/2 yr time? that was darn long. haha. but well.... it was long chit chat over 3 can of drinks each. but well... hes doing fine... and hes happy for me, pursuing the things i wanna in life.

I felt kinda happy and honored by one thing. but i cant blurt anything out yet coz the thing haven happen yet. so well... its not too bad a monday with crutches.


11:59 PM

Friday, July 04, 2008

Thursday was pretty a struggle.

took bus on my own with a cast on my foot. i still managed well, but its pretty tiring thou. watched Wanted with Lester and well... good flick and good twist, and pretty impressed.

today continued my dvd times. watch 21 and National Treasure, (courtesy of Lester). National Treasure is sure great. but 21 is the one that caught my attention. Casinos, Vegas... woah.... I darn love Casinos.

6:47 PM

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

watched Elizabeth: the Golden Age and Jumper over DVDs this past two days.

jumper, while no doubt cool, lacks the shine. the ending is bullshit and shifty thru out the movie. but well... nice city sights and pretty lead.

Elizabeth is more of a better catch. but its more politics and drama. i like it personally, and Cate Blanchett is realli a brilliant actress. she plays the Queen and was so lively. Clive Owen is oso good. how should i say? hes ur rugged handsome.

4:30 PM


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