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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Today i plan to take my Fitness test. aim to get silver, coz i am so near to it. juzt one pull up away. so i took and all static stations clear. left running. then the whole company ran without me. luckly, my Sir, gave chance and allow me to run alone. so i did. with the help of my platoon mate and sect comm, i managed to struggle thru, and got my silver. its a cool 100bucks. and i finally did justice to my fitness. hippi!!! thanks adam, and sgt melvin.

Saw the sneaks of Ai Wu Jian the new korean movie at JE. its a sweet and sad movie, juz like the previous installments of the lead actress. but i enjoyed the show veri much. haha. Its late, do enjoy ur day out there. Take Care.

3:24 AM

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Monday was a scary day for me. i have to prepare for a scholarship interview. went off in pink to Bugis and tell meself to do my best. wasnt as smooth as i tot i could be, but i can tell myself i did my best. no harm trying, even it will take years.

Went back to Camp, and my company set off to outfield without me. so i waited whole nite long for vehicle to pick me up. and it was until the next morning before a vehicle came. and to make things more beautiful, the fieldcamp ended soon after that... so my plan to be a garang medic for the last outfield was dashed... and i siam the outfield unintentionally.

My bunk have a "Bag Man". Anyone care to guess his features? he is a tall guy with a bandaged left arm, and puts a ziplock bag over his head. Freakish? but it does brighten everyones life. Thanks Vincent! haha.

6:42 PM

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Saturday was 1/2 burnt because of the some cover i have to do in camp. But its okay coz it ended quite soon. but the break was approaching. I spoke to my Boss bout the scholarship interview stuff and he gave it to me. excused me for it. Thankful that the stuff was solved instantly.

Went out at nite, hanging around at Town. Thank God rain stopped at before evening. went to Retro Nite @ dbl O. wasn't too into it, but nevertheless.... had quite a bit of fun, and booze was cheap. Still Crazed bout R&B music....

Ended my day.

9:08 AM

Friday, April 14, 2006

Slept at 5am last nite. so work up so late at 10. then went to JP to buy the sound track: Take the Lead. Its a beautiful album. Nice and cool Music. Today was raining cows... so stuck at JP for hours... and had a great time with my brother.

Done up my files to prepare for the interview. and praying for the best. Tonite has to book in. sounds bad, but it will pass soon. hope that tommorrow will be kind weather. Cool Nite Out there... Enjoy please.

Getting ready for book in. Nitz

8:00 PM

Hmm.... I think i be a garung soldier soon.... In my service, i be travelling to Thailand, Kanchanaburi not once, but 3 times. Great... What was once my greatest fear, became a reality. and to a matter of fact, i was least worried anymore. what will come, u cant hide. face it. I am just grateful that so many ppl lending me alot support.

Keppel Land contacted me today. but the time slot they offering me is kinda a problem itself. Jus pray that things works. all the stuff i have is at hand.... nuthin i can realli do much. I am jus extremely honoured to be given the chance to be interviewed. coz u noe, poly grads alw disadvantage, and rare chances are available.... I will fight for it. Faith in meself....

When was the last time u seen a movie by urself? tonite is the first time. caught a good and highly recommended movie.... "take the Lead"/ a dance movie.... and i was thrilled by all the dances, frm hip hop, to even social dancing.... cool stufff..... and the sound tracks rox... will buy the ost soon....

3:17 AM

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mao sent me this MV clip (Coral Sea) performed by Jay Chou and Lara. its a super sad clip. i watched it like 20 times too like him. and he said it resembled his story. heard his story long ago. wun go into details, but jus hope he is doing fine.

海鸟跟鱼相爱只是一场意外..(a Seabird falling in love with a fish, its just so accidental)... feels down at times, but need to move on.... Good day out there for all... Take care

6:54 PM

Hmm.... started saturday with a bit of uptightness. the pay is so near yet so far. coz its 8th April.

Then the rain was so heavy in the afternoon. nearly cancelled my plan to go out. but still went out to SLS to hunt for a Mp3 player. saw a couple of models, but was glued to the ones by Creative. Finally Bought the 512mb Muvo s200 @ 133 dollars. quite a catch of i saved 17 bucks and the model is the latest(just lanuched this week). its purple-pinkish.... quite gay rite?

Went to town to meet Jb and gang. felt so bad for them coz they alw have to go for places for drinks because of me. met Vinson too..... like then we went to Boat quay for some drinks. then the good news came, paycheck banked in at midnight.... so some drinks became 2 bottle of liqour. so had a great time drinking, and was so drunk.

Nice catching up with Vinson, like been so long we since met, but he is so concerned bout me. hope he is doing fine too thou. Good Luck.

Onli reached home at 4 plus.... and slept a little.....

6:21 PM

Friday, April 07, 2006

Today is veri Extraordinary. u wanna noe why? coz in camp, we were sleeping whole day long. but it wasnt as relaxing totally. we have to worry for activation, when we run like dogs to fall in full pack in 7 mins. details aside, but got a damn good rest.

Slept like 5 hours in the day. and had a good time slacking around in camp.. wonder how was it a day for many many others. Good day, i hope :)

A very interesting quote from V:

"Beneath this mask this is more than flesh. .......
Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr Creedy. .....
And ideas are bulletproof"

8:00 PM

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I am finishing the movie novel of "V". quite a good one, no doubt in it. and i got a clearer picture of the movie. (hehe, thats what movie novels are for...) i am plain broke and is pinning for the weekend to come, (for the pay). what to do this week? buy some books at downtown, then save a bit for the bills, then save a bit for booze and stuff, and maybe squeezing some cash for my brother, he needs a decent pair of shoes.

its a lovely, yet lonely nite.

8:01 PM

hey, i just got my internet connection done within 1 hr, frm buying and registration to installing and using. hehe... its quite easy and now i am hooked up on the net. today got a 1/2 day off. and now is jus lazing at home, listening to the new genre of music i juz picked up, R&B+Hip hop. its quite a good genre, and i regretted not listening to it fast enough. its way better than Trance...

Hot day, and well.... hope everyone out there is doing fine. :)

3:21 PM

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I guess most of u ppl noe whats a LSS, Life support system. a device u jack in to a person dying. maybe u see it in many movies or shows. but it was the first time in my life when this machine formed such a strong analogy to me.

A friend asked me a question, when the LSS is used on a patient, whats ur opinion? To prolong life, or ironically, to prolong suffering. i could not ans at all. when thinkin back, it realli helpful in my situation. when a love relationship is put on a LSS, isst a chance to prolong the possibility of revival of a love? or isst just a extension of pain and suffering between 2 persons?

How would u think? isst a chance, or isst stuborness, or isst denial?

8:04 PM

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How do u judge life? the quality of life, or the quantity of life? or isst a balance?
If its a balance, is everyone balancing well out there? Most probably not rite? I guess we have to be truthful to ourselves, look after ourselves. In times of bad situations and hardship, we just have to move on, not like a zombie, but with a stronger will. tell urself: "life cant be alw that worst". it did help , at least for me!!. In times of low down, i juz brace myself for a smile, tell myself its okay, i m not the onli one. maybe most of u ppl out there know this veri long ago, and its a bit late that i realise that onli now, (please be forgiving for a clever person like me picking some stuff up so slow). well at least i tried....
Believe in the sun, even if its raining.

8:00 PM

Monday, April 03, 2006

Alot of times, one need to believe in something. today is the start of the week, and i am putting wat i read in Trump: Think Like a Billionaire. treat everday like a normal day. Never have the TGIF attitude!!!. hmm... Mr Tan left for Sabah today on his first comm service. and i am still waiting for the mail frm kep corp. i deserve that shot.... !!!!
I need to thanks some ppl. Thanks Fang Yi for the good quotes frm the Bible, thanks my brother for being so supportive. thanks for all the ppl for the good company offered to me. Thanks.
Short week this week. it should be fast and swift. hehe.... Good Day and have a nice and warm hearted day.!!!

7:59 PM

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Don't Give up on urself!!!
I done quite some stuff on my own lately too... attended a tea session from my prospective scholarship application @ keppel corp. i deserve a interview, coz i done so much in poly, in preparation for it. well, it got gonna wait, for their call or smthin. my spec course is soon finallising, and my aim to be a spec could be fufilled soon. i guess i need a strong NS records for my future. i will work hard to be a good spec.

i realised that i want to work overseas, and i want to work keppel land badly. make me so excited to think bout the opportunities to work overseas.

I finished the book, The wedding, and its a great book. i shan't mention bout more in the book. a sweet book, that tell u that love is wonderful, and it nv dies. in times of adversity, in times of joy, tell urself, tough time don't last. life cant be worse and worser. it has to end, like how time is losing by e minute.

4:45 PM


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