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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Some times, Love and Hate is such a thin line apart. I just dun noe what to say thou. what to react. I gathered that i cant love a person proper if i dun love myself. sounds reasonable, but it took losing somethin so impt in my life to learn that. I do not know whether i am crying because i let such a beautiful thing, all sweet and wonderful die in my hands, or just that the timing is juz so not right and i did all the wrong things at the best timings.
I certainly hope she will cope with her studies real soon, which was the last complain i heard. i totally have no doubts bout it, and hope she will be adjusting well soon. some times juz realli want to call to say hi, but couldn'[t understand why, would she be so agtitated. hope she would be fine soon, and we could be on talking terms soon.
i been writing alot, enclosed them , but nv mail to them. i realli wish they would surface one day. i love you, and hope u are doing fine. Miss U veri much.
Kit Zai

12:37 PM

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hey hey....

Friday was a great day for me. I did a couple of stuff on my own. Went to laminate all my certs, and its a chunky 30 over pieces.... Ranging from courses, to book prizes, to CCAs, to medals, well, life should be sweet to me. i am thankful for all the good opportunities given to me to excel, rendered by so many ppl. a veri Thank you.... I realised that i am indeed lucky.
Then went to Suntec for the IT Show with my brother. How long is it since we went out together? ages!!!!... haha. had a good time out there, bought nuthin but a storybook, The Wedding. while we were on train, i sang Mayday Songs on it. haha. i am super guilty, and grateful that some people refused to give me up, despite me being disillusioned. they hang there around, always standing-by to lend me a hand when i needed most. I love u guys. thanks....
Some Struggles do arise everyday, and i am glad that i managed to scrapped thru all. so much so much i wish to speak, but is stuck in my deep heart, and i shan't say much more. I miss her sorely.
I decided to embark on reading the bible, something that i been wanting to do. well, it don't harm trying. and i trying to sort my time, hoping i can do some volunteer works soon. well, on duty to day,. but have to stay positive. Have a Nice Day!

12:35 PM

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hey, I been so grateful to so many ppl in my life. Like so many ppl offered their warm hands to me. given me help, concerns, care, guidance over the past weeks. No doubt whatever outcome, I will emerge as a stronger character. Thanks!!.
To Jump Start:
1) I had a ear syringing for both ears in a shot. its such a high feeling, that U felt U down so much booze, make U feels so sick that U wanna puke. but U noe, better hearing supercedes all.... its realli worth it.
Learning Point: Clean your ears properly, otherwise U will need some1 to poke big metal syringes into ur ears....
2) I did a dental visit to clean my teeth. I came with the intention of washing, but the dentist asked me for some filling. I filled 3 tooth, and its a cool 75bucks. its been 8 years since I last visited a dentist, and U noe, I totally deserved it.
Learning point: Clean ur teeth twice a day, visit dentist regularly.
3) Done preparation works for my application for scholarship. done a circullumm vitae, and was quite impressed with the amt of stuff in it. i think i gonna all out to strike for interviews.
4) Be less grumpy, coz girls dun like grumpy guys. its such a turn off.
5) Tok to Tan bout some stuff on the Real Estate items, and refreshened my knowledge, thou he came up with all e facts. well, i better work to prove i am worthy for the prizes i earned in the past.
6) Finally sounded off my interest to become a spec. I felt happy that quite a few ppl was happy with what i did. it doesn't matter even if i dun get it, coz i felt better speaking out.

12:33 PM


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