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Sunday, June 25, 2006

well well, been a long time since i last blog.... not too much time around... and i was busy with stuff in Army. haha.... i passed my SOC with a timing of 7.41 min. wat a feat!!! passing is 9.29.

Life is sweet, in times of struggles and frustrations, tell yourself that.

i got a plan, i wanna go to shanghai, Alone. scheduled FEB 2007. i should start saving money after world cup.

What is right and what is wrong?
issit a definite ans? are you doing the rite stuff?

3:26 PM

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Relatively a veri quiet weekend. wanted to go out but kinda lazy and most ppl have better plans ahead.... so i stay @ hm. Went to MOS last nite, and have quite a okay time there... too much ppl. maybe JB was rite, Guys go clubbing for a simple reason, in general. for girls.

It might not be convincing of me to say i go for the booze and music. But i Do, and i will stick to that. I think i did nuthin other then my primary objectives, and have a good time with friends.
I was listening to James Blunt songs, and i strongly recommend them. good stuff.

bought Dragon Tiger Gate Vol 1o. and the collection is taking a toil in my pocket. have to save some dough.

Good nite, and i look forward for a planned weekend ahead.

Strength Thru Unity,
Unity Thru Faith.
England Prevails!!

9:10 PM

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Well, been off for the past few days, and did quite a bit of the stuff.

1) Seen X3: The Last Stand, and bought the movie book.

2) Bought Cufflinks for my Domanchi shirt.

3) Went to PC show 2006, in hope to see the new macBook, bad move.... (it was PC show)

4) Bought a brand new Nalgene Water Tank(red) and a Mouthpiece(pink)

5) Seen Apollo XIII on DVD, its a good show... and realli good one.

6) Received the letter that i got rejected by KeppelLand for my scholarship application.

7) Bought my new white headphones... after lots of hestitations...

8) Been to town for past 2 days in a row. hunting for the cuff links.

Thats all... Good Nite.

8:03 PM


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