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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hoho... its a good day to go to the Bowling Alley...

Vance passing on the secret of perfect bowling....^

Step by step... to perfect strike...^

Group Pics

11:44 PM

as continued....

We dyed our moustache Green....

Gouging myself with the big fat jelly^

Teasing the Bday Girl....

Team Feugo.... Rox.

11:29 PM

Thursday, August 16, 2007

these are the pictures taken during our flag day last week... i think 7 Aug has been a wonderful day... and nice emi cake...

Started our day enthusiastically for flag....^

The Guy Team^

The Gal Team^

But Business has been bleak... so we went for K-Session.... and celebrate Shimin 19th bday..

9:55 PM

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i recalled one of my blog entry nearly a year ago....

"1 week time to 21 Years Old. so fast time flies. but lets be frank, i tell u my plan, i will switch my phone off come weekend. i don't want anyone to celebrate or feel happy for my birthday. There is no Reason. I Just Want To Be ALONE>"

Juz days to my 22nd bday and well... grateful that some friends of mine intending to treat me a dinner or what to celebrate for me. its goodwill but i guess i am not really into celebrating my bday... but mine this year falls on a Monday... means i have to give up sch on that day.... sianz....

had a good tok with vance the man on the bus.... and realised that other than the same bus 99 we take back home.... we share a lot of common traits too.... haha... this is farni....

well... schooling heat picking up real fast.....

8:52 PM

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Its been a great day for me.... Uppz and Downs... and ultimately, SDE won the Best Float for Rag2007. Who would imagine that we managed to work against all odds, from the sole damaged float during transportation to a award-winning float.

Thou winning for me was a mixed feeling... coz the floaters boys had a wager.... : Shave if we win the Best Float. but nvm all these.... its was as if all went berserk when they announced us as winners.... we were yelling @ the top of our voice....

TEAM Feugo: We did it all together!!!

So many awards^

hoho.... its me and the jewels of "Fredo"

Great Day and It was 120% joy and fun.... Thanks to all who made it possible... :)

6:44 PM


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