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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hmm... Went to the cinema for Babel @ PS last nite.

According to the Bible, this was a city located in Shinar, where mankind attempted to build a great tower to reach heavens. This angered God, making each person speak a different language, causing the project to fall thru Confusion, disconnecting ppl to scatter all over the world.

The movie build on this concept and 4 stories in different parts of the globe were derived and interconnected.

Richard and Susan are tourists in Morocco in Rich's bid to save an estranged marriage. Susan is shot by alleged terrorists. Rich desperately seek help in and out, but to avail. Political and Diplomatic issues between nations surround this hapless couple, leaving Susan dying.

The alleged terrorists turns out to be young goatherds trying out the new rifle. fearing for their lives, they have to run from the ruthless Morocco police.

Rich and Susan's children are taken care by a nanny. this 3rd story tells the adventure of theirs stranded in the US-Mexico Borders after a wedding dinner in Mexico.

Last, deaf-mute Chieko (played by Rinko Kikuchi) is struggling with the sudden death of her mother. being alienated from the general youths, it tells the story of Chieko who try too hard to attract attention, and most importantly, to feel being wanted.

The centre of attraction of this 2.5hrs movie is bound on the 26-year-old Japan actress. her acts as Chieko are awesome and daring. tells us how it feel to be misunderstood and alienated.

Critically Acclaimed..... No Doubt.

2:17 PM

Saturday, January 27, 2007

A very good song to recommend to all....
-Good-bye Days sang by YUI, Theme Song for Movie: Midnight Sun.

Guess me going to the movies later, Babel i suppose... coz the critics sounds good. should be worth the money. ha.
Bought a mp3 player, n short of the headphones/ earphones.
i saw this hardcase for the macbook... juz like those for the mobile phones. seems like a good one sia. juz wondering if it would accumulate too much heat in it or not. 40 bucks... should be a good one.

5:58 PM

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I made a veri bad mistake on Sunday Night and paid terribly as the price. i was packing my stuff and gathered the stuff i wanna throw. juz so lucky that i tossed a plastic carrier containing my wallet all the way through the rubbish chute. it was till 3 hrs later then i realised that my wallet went missing. I was Like Devastated... and decided to try my luck.open the chute bin and start searching... imagine the junk we put thru the chute..... and the aroma is hell a good time. luckily with 1 min search, i saw my plastic bag. I finally found my wallet.... thank GOD sia.

Then realise that the stains i had on my palms are too studborn.... need to scrub to get rid of them.... and need a long shower to make everythin goes away.

This entry is a Tribute to Cleaners. and 2 remind ppl to bundle their junk up before throwing it.(this will reduce the torment of the desperate guy trying to find back stuff in the Junk)

7:53 PM

Sunday, January 21, 2007

this week is a mad week. Bought Umizaru Part 1 + 2, Step Up DVD, and rented Sinking of Japan. Step Up was definitly in the plan... coz its Such a nice movie. the dances, OST. haha... and to add up... I even landed myself on the Korean and Japanese Chirashi of the movie. haha....

Why am i so mad in Movies? Guess its the 'new' me

1:33 PM

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The story of 'Cha Wu' could sound like Juz another "Infernal Affairs" flick. however, i would beg to differ. this is entirely different and the cast is great. Francis Ng, Vivian Hsu and Ti Lung. and the movie work in the way a puzzle works(Literally). u get confused, but amazed by how the pieces linked up.

totally filmed in Sg, but its obvious the movie was created to have a strong feel of Hk, with the Cantonese announcements before the english ones at the train stations. one might be amused by how hard the makers tried to make it so Un-Singapore. it makes this city a mean one. Nice and grand on the outside, rotten @ the Core. degrading ppl, rampant killings, gangs and hit man.

Started with the impression of a rich man's son being kidnapped... and the vengeance stuff, but was totally wrong. that was juz the starting. its Bout Ah Cha (Francis Ng) Vengeance on ppl whu did harm to his best friend and sister.

Twist and turn.... an alter movie.... from this beautiful Island.

9:31 AM

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I was previously a Platoon Medic. to Pl 3 A Coy. times there got its ups and downs. but the platoon was generally a kind and well, friendly grp. despite me being the intruder to them, i was well recepted by the lot. Politics do occurs.... and opinions do varies... but whu cares? we are here to serve our times.

Its Juz Sad when they are leaving. Like nowadays, i would spend some lunch breaks lazing in their bunk, toking cock with the lot, and had a nice time out there. this is the onli Assuylm i had in this past 2 years. u are not afraid that anything get leaks out, juz pure toking. this is the place where u find friends, ppl whu are willing to lend u a listening ear. Nvm bout the horrible days in bunk that i cry and cry all by myself during those tough periods. I am thankful for all the ppl in Pl 3.

Yanzi was toking bout the days when u guys are doing guards..... the many times i pass by u ppl... was juz a good consolation to me... that my friends are still here. sadly... time is running short. i am greatful for all the care and concern each gave to me in different forms.... the sincereity counts priceless. Thanks Bosses.......

Happy ORD.... Take care ppl... all the best in life.

8:29 PM

Sunday, January 14, 2007

saw mao for first time since July, and its good that we had a nice K session on friday nitez. althou i was damn tired but still went. Sat, i met up with Vinson, Kian And WL(My Best Friends in Poly). its a small good meal @ Bugis and we went off for a chill out Drink @ BQ. caught up a fair decent bit.

went into topics like Keeping Up the Faith, falling in love with a past, some things that dun realli have a standard resolution.... its not ez, like Vin said. and maybe Fairy Tale Love Stories (FTLS) dun really last. They look good, sound good, taste good, but so hard to keep up with. maybe at least for the quad-group of us.

10:12 AM

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I was Having this Chat with the Bald Guy during duty. we got nuthin to tok about, and the dialogue was bad. me toking bout recceding hairlines, he toking bout how f**ked Up i was as a IC. then we mentioned bout girls. maybe it was indeed a good one. coz it waked me up.

Falling in Love with a Past is so difficult and painful.

i woke up this morning veri early and felt this uncontrollable surge of depression. its juz a feeling of doom, and as if everythin juz plunged in.. I dun noe whats wrong. but i chanted a small prayer and it subsided... thankFUl.

8:19 PM

I am Damn broke this weekend. its like Fri Sleep till Sat Morning Duty till Sun. Then visit Ah Ma, then Bball. Thats all. Spent 2 Dollars of Cash.....

During Duty, we worked out a conspiracy.

The Dinner Ration includes Ice Creams. and we worked it out that we can get all the remainders and bring it home the next day. so we kept a stash. the next day, we smuggled them out of camp and split the loot into 2 shares. one for the balding guy. one for myself. Power sia..... although its nt good stuff, its juz funni that u see ppl rushing out of guard house Gate with 2 boxes wrapped in News Paper. this is what we call Ku Zhong Zuo Le..... Making laughter in hardship.

8:10 PM

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

hmmm.... hows my new year spent?

went to KTV with friends... and its nice to have a wonderful nite out there singing some nice KTV songs... like 'I love Taiwan Mei", Soler, Mayhem..... its great and cheap.

New Year resolution..... haven think yet. but should be recalling names... so i wun end up in forgeting ppl... its poor manners sia.

8:03 PM


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