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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

hey Hey... I finally bought the big carton of Vita Lemon Tea. its gonna be great. haha.....

sorri for the messy background... buts its juz me la.... haha....
Should i watch Stomp the Yard Tonite?
Or should i fly jb's Kite?

hahaha... Guess 70% the latter liao...

Have a great nitez to all.... Happy chiong...
; )

7:42 PM

Sunday, March 25, 2007

caught Pathfinder @ Cathay last nite. the movie is good. and maybe the plot is alittle better than 300. but in many part, the Main Character, Ghost is very clever. how he turn the adversity to his benefits.

today was playing bball and bit my tongue in an accident, its freak and painful.... Ouch....

Boring Afternoon.... should be reading up on Stats Later....

3:58 PM

Sunday, March 18, 2007

this week is way quiet. No Movies... and no Booze. haha.

Been to the beach today. and its a bloody hot day. well.... have quite a nice day out there.

Will watch Stomp the Yard soon... Missed it.

9:57 PM

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness is the first movie i had watched of Will Smith's other than those funny comedies. This movie is veri inspiring, and heart wenching at many points. some are so sad that u would feel like crying if the scenario got worse.

The Scene which struck me best was the one when they were homeless, without a penny to put themselves ( Father And Son) under a shelter. Chris (Will Smith) had to put themselves up in a toilet @ the subway. middle of the nite, they squeeze into the tiny space and the young child was sleeping on his lap. suddenly someone was banging on the door, and Chris was sticking his leg to the door to prevent anyone frm barging in. at that point, he was tearing and that scene is realli great.

Great movie and great performance put up by the Smiths.

12:00 PM

Monday, March 12, 2007

Well, spent 10 Bucks on a piece of mini poster for I'm a Cyborg But thats Okay. but its realli kinda interesting.

And bought a 4 in 1 Printer @ the IT Fair. squeezing into the fair and not buying anything is a sin.... hence we bought one printer. the scanning is fun. see this poster that i have. its the Lake House and notice the flowery borders... must had been things u nv seen before.

11:45 PM

Thursday, March 08, 2007

300 is one good movie not to be missed. gerard bulter stars in this movie and hes perfect for the role. ha. the movie is all good coz its 110% violence and gore. 5 out of 5. i tot i was watching a 114 min trailer coz the CGI and effects are great.

0 storyline is not entirely bad... becoz the violence paid for it. if u like sin city, with the unique colour tones, u wun want to miss this movie.

300 is good stuff!!!!

10:22 PM

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Times Flies and its time for me to ORD Loh.... haha.... still got 13.5 weeks to go. ha. how was last week? went to movies for I'm a Cyborg But thats Ok. its a funni KOR Movie. given that it stars Rain, the focus was still largely on the unknown storyline of the movie. its quite sweet and funny. u wun be able to imagine yaself watching this love comedy of 2 mad persons falling in love together.

300 is opening in less than 24 hrs time. and i cant wait to see it. it was touted as the best trailer ever made. and definitely, this movie better be good. watching the movie tomorrow.

hopes all doing fine. and happy ORD to friends of Polar Bears.....

take Care * )

8:56 PM


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