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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

taken from my previous blog

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Life is Bitersweet...How do u judge life? the quality of life, or the quantity of life? or isst a balance?

If its a balance, is everyone balancing well out there? Most probably not rite? I guess we have to be truthful to ourselves, look after ourselves. In times of bad situations and hardship, we just have to move on, not like a zombie, but with a stronger will. tell urself: "life cant be alw that worst". it did help , at least for me!!. In times of low down, i juz brace myself for a smile, tell myself its okay, i m not the onli one. maybe most of u ppl out there know this veri long ago, and its a bit late that i realise that onli now, (please be forgiving for a clever person like me picking some stuff up so slow). well at least i tried....

Believe in the sun, even if its raining.

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