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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Today i was like a fucked for a OCC test... some thin i nv prepare at all. and the crunch comes in. i got a presentation on the Separtiest Movement in Sri Lanka... went in. presented....and guess wat? so many ppl were like grilling us. every1 poped us qns.. and we like fucked... heng got me ... ans all those qns... the point is that ppl in my class dun understand Eng, can read? thats fuck sia... keep on pondering on the same qns. haha. then wat is the surprise? i got the best speaker in my team. haha. thats a feat,
then the sad of the day came in. i saw mertice today. god wonder why she must sit beside my table? of all places. then i smsed her.... askin hows her butter rice... and her reaction.... "oh no... he's here!!'' at that veri instant my pride was like badly puntured... another girl was like saying"that stalker again?'' she kept lookin around... i realised that ppl around me are often in great pressure. see this girll 1 i noe for past 3 years. i realise that... i was wrong. i cant bring happiness to ppl around me.. and wat i am best at? bring harm to others, bring undue stresses to ppl...

Food for tot:
1 I am a Stalker

12:41 AM

Saturday, July 24, 2004

today is juz dun noe how to say. want to do alot of things but nv did anythin.
1) rushed my ppt for World Issues last nite. din present at all today. went out of time.
2) wanted to do my Internet assignement- din do also
3) do my ppt for FYM... Half done

but some meaningful things happened:
1) helped my freshies in their CPM project.
2) help some others in their PPV
3) played Initial D with my brother at the Arcade in Jurong Point
4) got to noe Monica Tan(chio Bu as many ppl says) got 6 fingers
5) quitted Friendster

thats it. My life.
Conclusion:Initial D is a fucking Addictive game.

1:03 AM

Saturday, July 17, 2004

the stress comes in on this friday afternoon... why did i lose? i did well.... why? i dun get it... but i promise the lecturer to turn up... i muz. the truth is alw hurting... dun get it. but thats life... I got 2nd position and 2book prizes: Best In Quantity Surveying and Marketing.... So thats not that bad afterall... and moreover... i am the biggest winner to hold 2 bookprizes in my corhort... all others get 1 book prize onli. haha... its not so bad afterall... i juz lost by a difference of a grade B+ and A in a stupid IS module. that seals my fate. but i realise wat Mrs tan was trying to say. even in a struggle, be it over coming the Odds or so... u mustn't lose faith in Yourself. Coz losing faith in oneself is a veri terrible thing. I am a good student.. but i lack confidence to believe in myself. She once said so.. if there is 1 student... Juz one... whu she can change his viewpoint or touch.. thats meaningful for her liao... so my case... if there is juz one juz 1 lecturer whu ever believe in me... that enough for me liao... i cant give up. i will be fighting for a good cause.

1:50 PM

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Started my day at 8 today. toking about Hotel New World and stuff... in the lecture. then have breakfast at SIM. was so excited bout the bet i bought last nite... haha i won... a cool 50 bucks. finally.... no more money worries this week end. haha. then i went to see a lecturer... whu was helping me doing the recommendation letter. she was concern bout my cca record... "u could end up with nuthin when u graduate if u continue to have such a weak cca record... Fuck... i hate cca... buts its a shame at into ur 3rd year liao.,.. i have no cca. thats fucking... then tok about losing my top position... she advice me... lose gracefully... its between the qns of standing up again or juz slack... no more time for u to ask why... why u lose ur position... she was rite... for weeks i been asking why... its all over liao... no Point. but i was veri touched when she send me a msg."strength and courage are not alw measured in medals and victories, but are measured in the struggleswe overcome" the crunch time comes now... and i muz find a way to overcome it... not dwelling into wat had happened.
so i want a cool mind tommorow. i decided to rest early and prepare mys3lf for the presenation. be it ppl mocking me or so... i did my best liao.
Lesson for the Day: follow the William Hung Spirit.. "I had tried my best... I have no Regret.

4:29 PM

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

somethin pondered me too much.... i have became stupid liao.. no more the 1 whu show deep understanding in watever he does. no more... i stared in a tutorial qns for the whole morning... cant do anythin. wats happening to me?
i went to sch today by train again... 3 times this week liao... so expensive./.. wats happening to me... i have become lazier liao... no drive, no life. felt like needing some 1 to save me. maybe i become senile liao... or i realli grow old liao... no more drive in me anymore liao.

then realise i have been worrying for a tutorial that i should worry... some1 doing liao... i realise that i think too much and too much undue worries liao. haha. wat a joke... the once Great is reduced to such ramble liao...

today went home with my best friend. then buy soccer bet together... hope win tommorow.
sadly... my boring day ended... haha.

10:21 PM

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

my day started all frm this so-called tip-off. my friend said" i saw ziyi last tue between 9++ in the morning at Lakeside Mrt" ziyi was this particulAr girl frm my sec sch. i secretly like her since then... god damn it... i actualli believe wat that crapper says... and realli went to the MRT station at 9++. but think luck wasnt on my side. i nv saw her. disappointed, i took the train to clementi and went to sch. life sux on tue, coz is a pure lecture day. 5hrs... whu can tahun? but today i saw a ferrari in sch. god damn it. thats Bobby's(Bobby is a BEM year 1 whu is a f**kin rich guy). haha why?!!? such a posh and chio machine.. its realli a piece of art. then the day continued with the boring lectures, seeing sickening ppl in my Lt.

Food For Tot:
1)alw read ur lecture notes before going for lectures.

9:57 PM

Sunday, July 11, 2004

I am Juz a 19m studying in Ngee Ann Poly. today was doin the typical stuff i alw did on sunday afternoon. eat, see tv and play computer. today got a brand new assignment. me and my klassmate have to scout for buildings for our BMD assignment. we went to 1 building. thats was crap. it was a shoppin centre(so called). but it was worse that the typical wet market. smelly wasnt the crux. it was the stench no matter where we go. and a blind can realli get his way to the toilet juz by smelling. thAT was bad. and then went to Clarke Quay to see another building. it was better. but we still went to the China Town. had dinner with my klassmates(chicken Rice). reflection: today din manage to see any chai.(regretful) but today is a rather meaning ful day for me. i juz wish there will be one gal whu dun realli mind appearance. but thats difficult... these girls realli died during the diniosaur age.

8:55 PM


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