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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What a week here in HangZhou. where are the pretty girls that was touted? f**k it sia. i dun see any. i think that sunday of departure was sad. i tot i was old enough to take care of myself. seems like Damn, i dun realli feel happy to leave at all. but we all have a mission. mine to see how well i can take care of myself. haha seems like fast... i have 100 days remaining. 100 days to may 29. the food and booze here are great and cheap. not those fast food. but thinkin back.... i think people here are still veri nice. China is a place where u will be greeted when people when u say thank u. haha unlike the ungreatful singaporeans, haha. a lot of failures of mine, failed to tok to Ziyi... even before the trip and so on. its like Shit... haha. the weather is good. haha cold and when its raining its a cool 0 degrees. and what is the most f**k here? no Heater for first 2 days. happy sia.... this is juz as great/.

I think the people here are nice. i mean the Np team. its like we tok and laughed this past few days/ haha. seems like the weather here is air conditioned everyday... good for sleeping. haha. what a great trip here. i think i am fine here.

2:55 PM


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